Lenovo A7000

Lenovo A7000

Lenovo A7000
Lenovo A7000 comes in a medium size box of white cardboard, inside is found the usual set: the smartphone, USB cable, charger, quick guide for getting started. Equipment is quite common, the point is that the presence of the headset with smartphones of this level it comes not always.

Design and usability

The smartphone looks decent and if I may say so, “faceless” – in its design there are no elements that could catch the eye and which would distinguish him from the rest of similar devices. This is the standard appearance of a rather large Android-smartphone – front panel without any visible elements (even the company logo located on the rear panel), smooth black gloss “violate” only the speaker slot and the camera lens top, and subtle designations of the touch buttons on the bottom.

The main “surprise” appearance Lenovo A7000 is, perhaps, the location of the micro-USB connector – he, like Jack, is… on the upper face. On the bottom you can see a tiny microphone hole, the left side face is totally free from any elements on the right, just above the center, there is a power button, and above it the volume rocker. Buttons are easily pressed and nasuhpasa – the last, perhaps, comes a little too easily, so accidental activation of the device when the user picks it from the table, it is not ruled out.
Main camera lens is located in the top left corner, very close to the edge – so when shooting you have to make sure that the finger does not fall into the frame. The back cover is removed, it reveals a removable battery capacity of 2900 mAh.
Lenovo A7000
Cover is made of black matte plastic, not coated “soft touch” or any of the relief patterns, and quickly covered with scratches and scuffs. Design moderately hard, but periodic pokropivny the back cover.
The Lenovo A7000 is not the large size as for the device with such screen diagonal (by the way, the display is 71.69% entire front surface). In his hand he is fine, does not slip, comfortable with the usual “grip” does not create. To use it comfortably with one hand only in cases where the control elements of the interface are in the bottom half of the screen (mobile phone, calculator, typing, run most popular programs, etc.), to the upper reach have been second hand.

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